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RAGBRAI 2004 - Pre-ride - Saturday, July 24

The day before the big event, I drove up to Des Moines in the rain to meet King and Jeff. After cramming three bikes and three people into a minivan, we set out for the starting point: Onawa, Iowa.
Photo of RAGBRAI 2004
After arriving, we set up camp. Jeff (left) and King are die-hard Cubs fans. They stood around like this for over an hour listening to the game on Jeff's armband AM radio. This is way more dedication than I have.
Photo of RAGBRAI 2004
We wandered around the festivities in Onawa for awhile, even hitting the official opening ceremonies, which included such Iowa treats as the horseback square-dance and a couple guys with harmonicas singing a song about a farm. I kid you not. This is a shot of the area containing bike tune-up tents and non-food vendors.
Photo of RAGBRAI 2004
After we joined up with Team Kum & Go, we found ourselves pitching camp every night on someone's front lawn - someone that someone on the bus knew, or one of their friends. Oftentimes I don't think anyone knew whose house we were staying at, but we had an address and a map to get there, and that's all that mattered. Here's a shot of our camp the first night.
Photo of RAGBRAI 2004

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